Ventilation Scope

Easier for treating diseases of the trachea and bronchus and performing an endoscopic removal of foreign body under general anesthesia in children. A thinner insertion tube can be gently inserted into the airway and bigger incorporated working channel allows utilizing kinds of Jackson's graspers to perform an endoscopic surgery faster and easier.

Fiber Bronchoscope

FBS-3.5TII - This waterproof bronchoscope with a smaller diameter of the insertion tube is used for endoscopic surgery in the deeper bronchi and the stenosed bronchus, and in children.

Fiber Bronchoscope M Series

BP1-2555, BP1-3155, BP1-4055, BP1-5155; BP2-1865, BP2-2365, BP2-2560; BP3-2055
Portable type, with battery light, designed for diagnostic observation, suction, washing cytology, TBLB, and foreign biopsy in the main bronchus, segmental bronchi, and sub-segmental bronchi